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Friday, September 29, 2006
Insane in the Mediterraine*

So I've been on a bit of a hiatus since I last posted three months ago. No, I didn't get sucked into a blackhole or fall into a time warp; I've only moved to Israel and been stranded for a while without many a modern convenience, virtually unable to communicate with the outside world.

Anyway, it's great to be here. When not strolling through Jerusalem's empty lots wondering why there are no available apartments, or getting smoke blown in my face by beggars trying to win my sponsorship, I've basked in the glow of Hizbullah's "thank-you-for-giving-us-some-space" sound and light show, and experienced the singular pleasure of being reprimanded at the shuk for looking at the merchandise.

Seriously, people here are crazy. Call it Jerusalem Syndrome or Levantine Lunacy, there's something in the air, or the water, or the genes (and if so it's dominant), that makes a lot of my fellow Israelis act in ways diametrically opposed to their goals.

Luckily for the level-headed among us, many of the worst cases have been plucked from society and gathered into one place, the National Insane Asylum. But unfortunately, the need is far greater than has ever been accommodated.

So, you can understand my delight when I read on Arutz Sheva that efforts are underway to increase the number of patients at this vital and historic institution, known in Hebrew as the Knesset, from 120 to 180:

Kadima MK Prof. Menachem Ben-Sasson, who chairs the Knesset Law Committee, supports increasing the Knesset from its current 120 MKs to 180.

Ben-Sasson explains that in previous governments, about one-third of the MKs have served as cabinet ministers or deputy ministers, leaving regular parliamentary work in the hands of only 80 lawmakers. On an average, an MK serves on six different committees, Ben-Sasson explains, making their effectiveness on any one committee somewhat limited.

Adding 60 MKs, Ben-Sasson feels, would result in MKs serving on an average of two committees, permitting them to focus their energies on those committees. Ben-Sasson believes expanding the number of MKs would be a positive step towards revamping the political system.


Among the outspoken opponents of the plan is Prof. Shevach Weiss, a former Knesset Speaker. Weiss stated that at present, the Knesset is not overwhelmingly popular and a call to increase its size by 1/3 would be met with angry public accusations of wasting additional taxpayer funds. Weiss stated that if the Knesset enjoyed widespread public support, such a move might be feasible....

It'll cost money, but if it'll keep these guys off the streets, I'm for it!

*No, unfortunately, there's no good way to spell that.

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Nice to see you going through the initial shock. Just beware of the moment when it will all seem normal to you. It will mean that you are ready for one of this Knesset seats...
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