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Monday, June 12, 2006
The Aliyah Blues* **

♫ Got the aliyah blues, yeah, got the aliyah blues
Up all night and wailin' from those blues
Oh I'm leaving in a week and I don't even have a pair o' shoes

Well I saw my passport leavin' on a Monday
Well I saw my passport leave me, yes it's true
Oh I put her in the mailbox, but will my visa make it through?

My suitcase' still unpacked, my bags is empty
Said my suitcase is unpacked, exceptin' sugar cane and brew
Oh my hard drive's crashed again and I'm sweeping pieces with a broom

The place that I'll be sleepin', I don't know it
Oh that place I'll be sleeping', I don't know it from a field o' rye
The one thing that I know, I've got a free cab ride to the sky

They tell me ulpan's open for some learnin'
Oh they tell me ulpan's open but it's closed in July
If I'm learnin' any words you know it's Romanian or Thai

In the morning, check the banks and all the health funds
In the evening, checkin' banks and health funds too
Don't you know they all just make me blue

Oh my guìtar's off a sailin' the Atlantic
Said she's sailin' on the ocean, where the water's blue, blue, blue, blue
And if my guitar's still ridin' high, I'll just have to play on this here oud ♫

* All true except for the shoes, sugar cane, brew, and broom. Oh, and my shipment isn't in the Atlantic yet, it's still in storage

** Written while listening alternately to the Beatles' "For You Blue" and "Yer Blues," the words generally fit better the melody and phrasing of the former, but I prefer the angst and metrical irregularity of the latter.

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Unless you move to somewhere far out, where there isn't a choice, your best bets for kupot cholim are either Maccabai or Meuhedet.

Bruchim Habaim
Can't wait for the music to it...

And good luck!
Thanks amechad, I think I'm going to choose one of those two.

Snoopy, if you knew what my composing skills were, you might want to wait a very long time....
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I look forward to you blogging from "this side of the pond"...
Hey, why aren't you blogging anymore? I hope your absence isn't going to be permanent. :(
Stay tuned - I've just gotten regular internet access again....
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